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i’m tired of having to misgender myself for paperwork

Actually, they’re asking what gender were you born with. This helps them to know what diseases and sicknesses you are most likely prone to get~! Some of these can be very lethal or serious, however, and so it is much better to tell them the information. It would be okay to write your preferred gender in a little note beside your answer, but please, please do tell them what you were born as!

I am concerned for everyone’s safety who does this u-u~<3

Thank you for listening, and I hope you consider this~~~! c: 

This is the first time I’ve seen someone make this correction without being rude or condescending so thank you friend

Okay, but, gender has nothing to do with it… if you’re asking about my chromosomes and reproductive organs, you should be asking my sex. When I see a form that is clearly trying to ask for my sex but calls it “gender”, it really bothers me, because it assumes the two are the same. They aren’t. I agree- it is definitely important for medical forms, etc, but it should be labeled as “sex”.

In other news, it’d be great if we could find words for sex that aren’t the same as gender.

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I just spent a long time writing a post about what’s going on in my life/psyche and I deleted the fucking thing. I’m depressed as shit and really scared because it’s pushing away the people I love. Please send good vibes?


I hate when people are like “I wish I could be a kid again cuz everything was so much easier and nicer and happier” because no, being a powerless child is terrifying and I never had that kid of childhood where things were simple and happy. Ill never get that back and I feel incredibly alienated when people talk about how good and normal their childhood was.

Also every time childhood comes in in a class and is discussed as this idyllic time of safety and carefree happiness… yeah. 

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